BENAIAH Engineers - Sports field openingBENAIAH is a team of dedicated professional consulting Engineers and Project Managers who work in the development sector within NSW and ACT. Through our team’s experience in development, both consultant side and client side, we have observed and witnessed how projects are managed and how clients are represented. We strive to do better.

Where does our team of Engineers and Project Managers find job satisfaction?

At BENAIAH, we find satisfaction in project delivery and project success. BENAIAH’s focus is on the end goal with proactive management rather than a short-sighted reactive service. This is too common in the development sector.

We find satisfaction from:

  • The lodgement of plans to LPI and the subsequent registration.
  • The receipt of an occupation certificate.
  • The opening of a new public open space.
  • Timely and cost effective resolutions to a site problem.
  • Achievement of client goals and milestones.

This is why we do what we do!

Integrity, Honesty, Relational and Accountability are all part of our Core Values at BENAIAH. Through these Core Values we have successfully provided our clients a management service which they have come to rely on and seek out.

See our services for more details on what we do or our projects to see what we’ve been working on!