Feasibility Studies

BENAIAH provides a holistic approach to your development feasibility and project assessment. We understand that the front end of any project requires the upmost thought invested. This includes

  • Research
  • Assessment
  • Advice on
    • Natural features
    • Property acquisitions
    • Engineers works
    • Historical
    • Cultural
    • Environmental and social parameters

BENAIAH’s team is able to provide a comprehensive review and assessment of your project. Our project development consultants team has a diverse background and skill set, dynamic approach and progressive mindset.

Road Safety Auditing

Road Safety Audits are increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement for all road infrastructure development works, and civil engineering construction projects. Furthermore, a road safety audit is essential in de-risking exposure to potential incident/accidents associated with your development both current and future. As developers, we have a duty to ensure that end user safety is assessed and optimised.

BENAIAH’s team of accredited Road Safety Auditors looks to provide an efficient approach to your Road Safety Audit. Our Pragmatic approach to audits ensures end user safety is maximised, without restricting your project with onerous costly problems. We look to provide solutions which achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the development and end user safety.

Design Peer Review

BENAIAHs team has vast experience in reviewing property and infrastructure engineering and landscape open space design documentation. Our diverse knowledge in project delivery and design allows BENAIAH to credibly assess designs to ensure final construction drawings are optimised.

BENAIAH reviews and evaluates your project for design best practice, affordability, constructability and safety in both the end use and through the construction phase. Knowing your design is safe, affordable and constructible are key elements prior to proceeding with your development. We strive to ensure the design is fit for purpose and satisfies your brief.